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Fateha Khawani for Arfa Karim Randhawa  ارفع کریم رندھاوہ The ritual was held at Canal Road in Faisalabad in which a large number of people including Arfa’s parents, relatives and friends participated and prayed for the departed soul. Arfa was youngest Microsoft professional and died at the age of 16.


Arfa Karim Randhawa’s Awards

  • Youngest Microsoft Professional
  • Fatimah Jinnah Gold Medal ( In the field of Science and Technology in August 2005, presented by the Prime Minister of Pakistan)
  • Salaam Pakistan Youth Award ( In August 2005, presented by the President of Pakistan)
  • Shabash Award ( given by Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman Foundation )

Arfa Karim – Child prodigy under care of best doctors

Arfa, the youngest certified Microsoft professional in the world, suffered cardiac arrest on December 22, and has been under treatment at the CMH since, where she is on life support. The cardiac arrest in turn led to a ‘global brain injury’ – a term used to indicate damage that spreads through the entire brain due to lack of oxygen.

“We are committed to making all efforts to provide Arfa the best medical attention possible,” said Dr Wasim Wali, a neuro-physician at the hospital.

Talking to The Express Tribune, Dr Wali, who is leading a team of doctors treating Arfa, said the treatment being provided for her condition was on a par with international medical practices. He added that the doctors at CMH were in regular consultation with other specialists. However, he emphasised that the child prodigy is still in a critical condition.

“All medical experts in the field are on board regarding Arfa’s treatment,” Dr Wali said.

“My daughter is receiving ‘universal and unanimous’ treatment, which is standard for anyone in her condition,” said Lt Col Randhawa. He added that the medical care provided to Arfa at this stage did not require any surgical intervention. When asked about recent reports in the media regarding requests for shifting her to Sheikh Zayed Hospital, he replied that she was not in a condition to be shifted anywhere. He said doctors such as Nadir Zafar, who currently heads the neurology department at Sheikh Zayed Hospital, were also on board and completely satisfied with the treatment given.

Lt Col Randhawa added that Microsoft had also arranged a team which was following Karim’s case closely. He said their team of doctors had studied the reports and expressed satisfaction. He added, “This is not a recent development, the Microsoft team has been in continuous consultation for a while now”.

However, he underlined that “Up until the point Arfa starts breathing on her own, we can assume no significant improvement in her condition”, while saying he was thankful for the support and concern extended by everyone. “This is not a political issue; it’s about a young child who along with medical care needs prayers and good wishes”.

Arfa’s father added: “Usually the chances of recovery are less, but Arfa has always been an extraordinary child; God willing, she will get through this too”.

Though Arfa has, for the past several years, been in the spotlight for her recognition as a tech prodigy, she has also lived a regular 16-year-old’s life.

Arfa was Head Girl at Lahore Grammar School’s Paragon campus. Her principal, Salman Yasin, told The Express Tribune:  “She was extremely excited when Atif Aslam performed at the school – she is just like any child her age and we must keep that in mind”.

World’s Youngest MCP Arfa Karim Randhawa Shows Signs Of Life

LAHORE: Arifa Karim Randhawa, the child tech prodigy in critical condition, has shown some sign of life after she moved some of her fingers and her brain showed some activity, her Father Lt Col (Retd) Amjad Karim Randhawa told The Express Tribune on Friday.

Karim, who is still on life support, is still in a critical state and is being tended to the doctors, who had earlier lost hope of the child’s recovery.

Her father said that the family has received a flood of calls from all over the world inquiring after her health and praying for her recovery.

On December 22, Aarifa was admitted to Lahore’s CMH hospital after suffering cardiac arrest. On Thursday, doctors said there was no hope for her survival, and that her life support could be switched off ‘at any time’.

However, after this latest development, doctors and experts at Lahore’s Mayo hospital are working to save Arifa.

When Aarifa, now 16, was given the title of a Microsoft professional as a young child, she visited the company’s headquarters in the US.  When she met Bill Gates himself, she had two questions: Why weren’t children allowed to work for Microsoft, and why such few women worked for the organisation.

Arfa Karim Randhawa Getting Better – New Hope of Life

LAHORE: Doctors expressed new hope about the condition of Arfa Karim Randhawa, the 16-year-old who became the youngest Microsoft professional after completing her MCP in 2004. She has been in intensive care since experiencing an epileptic seizure and cardiac arrest nearly two weeks ago.

According to Lt Col (retd) Amjad Karim Randhawa, Arfa’s father, the doctors told him that the brain of her daughter is still working and they no longer consider her case hopeless.

According to the doctors, he said, EEG report had rekindled hope for her life but treatment facilities are not available in Pakistan. He said that the reports of Arfa were sent to various countries from where he gets positive response.

Amjad Karim said that prime minister, Punjab governor and Sindh governor had announced to provide all possible facilities but they failed to implement. He appealed to constitute a board of doctors as soon as possible so that decision could be taken.